List of Important Lines between different Countries in the World

  • 24th Parallel : India and Pakistan
  • 17th Parallel : North Vietnam and South Vietnam
  • 26th Parallel : Australia and South Africa
  • 38th Parallel : North Korea and South Korea
  • 49th Parallel : Canada and USA
  • Durand Line : Pakistan and Afghanistan
  • Radcliff Line : India and Pakistan
  • Mc. Mohan Line : India (Arunachal Pradesh Region) and China
  • Line of Control : This divides Kashmir Between India and Pakistan
  • Siegfried Line : Germany and France
  • Hidden Berg Line : Germany and Poland
  • Maginot Line : France and Germany
  • Older Neisse Line : Germany and Poland
  • Mannerheim Line : Russia and Finland
Hello IBPS ZONE Readers also Practise the Below mentioned Quizes for your better Performance in your exam.

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